Welcome to Klever Knits Designs. My name is Kirsten Joel and I'm so glad you've popped by!

Among these pages you will get access to knitting tips & tricks that will help to elevate your knitting skills and help you transform into the knitter you've always wanted to be.

Learn from my mistakes, shop my modern, easy to make knitting patterns, and get inspired from the knitting community at large.


I knit all.the.time. I have needles & yarn with me pretty much everywhere that I go. I've taken to the pages of this site to bring you the latest in knitting, from yarn reviews, pattern releases, and techniques that will help you level up your knitting skills. So let's get down to it:

About Me

I am a knit wear designer who aims to create patterns & content for the modern knitter. Most of us are busy wearing multiple hats - working full & part-time, taking care of friends and family - so being able to relax at the end of the day with needles and fiber is so integral to connecting with our craft. Not only that, but it's a little something that can be just for us. A few stitches here and there can make the difference. Knitting creates a moment of "me-time" and gives us an avenue of self-expression.

For a niche market, it's growing so fast and there are new knitters every day. It's amazing to watch the industry grow and see all of the amazing yarn & designs that have been developed. There are so many patterns out there and it can feel overwhelming to a new knitter. My goal is to reduce the noise and celebrate the yarn & designs that just bring pure joy to the craft, for the joy of it! If you choose to buy one of my patterns, that would be amazing. And if you choose to join the list, you'll receive your first Klever Knits Designs pattern on me! I hope you enjoy the Madera Tee pattern download.

Klever Knits Designs

So enough about me, what is this Klever Knits Designs thing all about? The goal for KKD was to create a space for the busy knitter. I strive to create modern patterns that are easy to knit, easy to wear, and easily portable. Do you have time for overly complicated patterns with shaping & stitches to keep track of on every row? Neither do I. KKD designs feature stitch patterns that are easily memorized so you can take them with you everywhere!

In the KKD shop you'll find cardigans, pullovers, tees, and accessories that will fit perfectly into your current wardrobe. These are wearable knits that are going to be as fun to wear as they are easy to knit! 

Coming Soon

In addition to providing modern & wearable knitting patterns, I hope to inspire you, teach you, and bring a little piece of craft into your busy day. So with that, I invite you to click around the site and enjoy this little moment! If you're interested in looking at my designs, I invite  you to check out the shop for the newest pattern releases. Or if you'd like to hang out for awhile, take a peak at the journal for all the latest posts!