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Welcome to the Klever Knits Designs Shop! I hope that you find designs that inspire you to pick up those knitting needles right away. Each pattern purchase comes with a digital download file that you can access almost immediately. For your favorite patterns, head over to the News section to learn more about the design, and what is going on in my knitterly life. 

Since I first began publishing my knit designs, I have heavily focused on publishing under someone else's umbrella - magazines, websites, collaborations, etc. Infrequently I would publish independently under the Klever Knits umbrella, but these were usually designs I loved very much. They were special to me and I wanted to hold on to them. The beginning of 2017 has brought a lot of changes to my life - a move across country, marriage, job - which resulted in a lot of internal reflection. Part of that reflection sparked the desire to truly revamp my brand, my website, and my designs & my design process.

After taking a good hard look at my previous designs, I kept seeing a major conflict. I wasn't designing the garments that I wanted to wear, I was designing what I thought would appeal to the most people. Because I wasn't staying true to myself I was getting stressed, struggling to create new ideas for submission calls, and creating so much unnecessary anxiety in my life. Now I will do my best to stay true to my style and knit & create the pieces I actually want in my life. And I hope that these designs will appeal to you as well!