Kirsten Joel

About Me

I knit all.the.time. I have needles & yarn with me pretty much everywhere that I go. Learning to knit really helped me learn to sit still and focus on things, one task at a time. I first learned to knit 15 years ago - please don’t do the math - and it took a few years of terrible finished objects (FO’s) before I truly had the basics down. My first completed sweater was a large shapeless mess since I had no idea what a gauge swatch was, or why it was important. In my defense, there were a lot fewer resources back then.

It wasn’t long before my passion for craft expanded. It started as a love for the act of knitting, but as my skills improved, I began to create my own designs. Now I love to create & publish designs for the modern knitter, help others improve their skills, and pay it forward one gauge swatch at a time.

Semilla Pullover

Why I Knit

Most of us are busy wearing multiple hats - working full & part-time, taking care of friends and family - so being able to relax at the end of the day with needles and fiber is important. Not only does it create an opportunity to connect with the craft, but it allows us to have a little something that is just for us. A few stitches here and there can make all the difference at the end of a joyous or difficult day. Knitting creates moments for self care and builds a creative space in which we can express ourselves.

Yarn Cakes

Why I Design

For such a niche market, it's been growing so fast and there are new knitters, makers, and suppliers joining every day (me included!). It's been amazing to watch the industry grow over the past several years and see all of the new things that have entered the market. This abundance of choice can feel overwhelming to a new knitter and my goal is to help reduce the noise. Let’s celebrate yarn, design, and the pure joy that comes from this craft.

Knitting Publications

Work With Me

I LOVE the chance to collaborate with other knitters, designers, and lovers of craft. If you ever want to publish something about, with, or by Klever Knits Designs, please don’t hesitate to connect with me! Click below to see a portfolio of my latest published designs.