Wild Dunes Shawl

The Wild Dunes Shawl Pattern is here.

Available on Ravelry here.

The Wild Dunes Shawl is an easy crescent shawl worked from the top down with a main body of Stockinette stitch featuring a horizontal band of a gentle lace stitch. Once the body of the shawl has been knit a simple edging is knit on to make this piece entirely seamless. For those of you who frequent the KKD shop may recognize the lace edging as I’ve used it before on my Gorgette Shawl.

When I first started knitting this shawl I admit that I didn’t have much of a design in place. I just cast on and started knitting a crescent shawl in stockinette stitch hoping that I would get inspired along the way. That strike of inspiration never exactly came - I didn’t know what lace pattern to use, if I even wanted to use one at all, and I didn’t know what I wanted to do for the edging. But I kept on knitting anyway. Eventually I settled on a lace stitch (one that I had also used before) and the lace edging and got to work to make sure the math worked.

Even though I had a more solid design in place at this point I still wasn’t really excited about this shawl. I thought I would just finish it up and either gift it or stash it away for a someday frog pile. When I cast off the last few stitches you should have seen the look of disappointment on my face. All I could think was, “I should be a better designer than this”. It’s always surprising how self-critical we can be as humans.

But then I blocked it.

If you’ve ever doubted the magic of blocking it only takes one project to change your mind. I’ve always been amazed at what a little blocking can do but this time took the cake. This lackluster shawl with a scrunchy lace pattern that I didn’t care about transformed into a shawl with that has a lovely drape. And the lace pattern really turned into something special and reminds me of how sand at the beach looks after a windy day. And that’s how Wild Dunes got its name.

With Wild Dunes off the blocking mats, I have not been able to stop appreciating this design. While I love the design itself, I love it even more for the simple reminder that there is always something special below in each and everyone of us. Sometimes we just need water and a little time to help us bloom.

Later this week I’ll be posting some yarn substitutes (and how to be confident when substituting yarn) since the Prism Delicato is now discontinued.

If you choose to knit your own Wild Dunes, I’d love to see what yarn you select for yours!

Please share it with #wildduneskkd