Why You Should Have a Long Term Project

Crochet Motif Quince & Co Osprey

I’m a huge advocate of year-long knitting projects. In 2019 I am making a concentrated effort to publish two Klever Knits Designs patterns each month and that means every now and then I’m going to want to make a little something just for me, just for the pure joy of knitting itself. I felt like adding a longer term project that could be made in small pieces would be just the thing to keep me motivated. There’s nothing worse than when your hobby feels too much like a job and I think this will help prevent that fatigue from kicking in.

Purl Soho recently launched a blanket design with their Linen Quill yarns and I thought that would be a perfect project. The fiber, the colors, and the construction all sang to me. But the over $300 price tag for the kit was just something that my budget couldn’t support (and the look on my husband’s face!!). Two ideas were now conflicting in my head: knitting project vs. financial health. So I took a hard look at the true goal of the project. It was just a little something for me to work on when I needed a break. It didn’t need to be new & fancy, it just needed to be comforting. So I went stash hunting.

At the bottom of one of my yarn baskets, I found several crochet motifs that I had set aside at the beginning of 2018. I had run out of yarn and wasn’t quite sure what I could make with the squares. So I set them aside in the hopes that one day an idea would stick. Well, now I had an idea I could work with. I spread the squares out on our guest bed and started playing with them Could it be a sweater, cardigan, blanket, something else? I didn’t feel that a sweater would be “long-term” enough so I went forward with the blanket idea and tried to figure out the optimal layout. After a lot of deliberation, I settled on surrounding each white motif with 8 motifs in a contrasting color. Imagine these blank spaces filled in:

My long term blanket project

Before I get started I need to decide what that second color will be. Below, in no particular preference (clockwise) are: Iceland, Audoin, Caspian, and Twig. Each is shown with Egret so you can see what the contrast would look like. I have a handful of skeins in each of these colors in stash, so filling in the remaining squares will be a lot more cost appropriate.

Quince & Co Osprey Iceland
Quince & Co Osprey Twig
Quince & Co Opsrey Audoin
Quince & Co Osprey Caspian

I am really leaning towards a soft neutral look with Audoin for a few reasons: I already have a lot of it in stash, and with the heathered look I can buy more skeins without needing to be as worried about dye lot integrity. If I do it right, I can picture myself reaching for this blanket time and time again and I know it will be right at home.i

I’m already looking forward towards my first “break” and whip out a few squares. Do you have a project that you work on intermittently throughout the year? Have you thought about adding a longer term project to your queue?

Tell me what you are working on in the comments below!