Why I Love Linen

Kestrel | Urchin

I can't believe Kestrel has been available since 2014, it's a fairly new-to-me yarn that I didn't really start working with until 2016. I had knit Heidi's Quick Sand cardigan, but that was about the only experience I had with Kestrel. Once I moved to Charleston, the humidity provided a wake up call. The south is...hot. And sticky. For the first time in my knit life I couldn't use wool fibers for summer knitting. Instead of giving up and not knitting for an entire summer (not knitting is never an option) I decided to shake up my fiber game and look into more linen & cotton based fibers.

Louet Yarns’ Sportweight Linen had long been a go-to favorite but I wanted to see what other brands out there offered these summer friendly fibers. In this search I recalled Kestrel and quickly found Sparrow and Willet. From there a new fiber love affair was born.

This summer of stocked up on a lot of Kestrel in several colors for different tanks to knit and wear. I actually had a few skeins in stash in the Urchin colorway which I quickly cast on to start making the tank you see up top.

This thing knits up quick. I cast on a few days ago and it's already on the blocking mat (I'll spare you the wet linen photos). Since I was knitting this from stash, I decided to work on this top-down so I could maximize my yardage and that plan worked out well. Next time I would use a different top-down approach to weave in fewer ends, but this is why knitting is so much fun - it's a constant learning experience!