What Kind of Knitter are You?

Crescent Shawl

Are you a Project or Process Knitter?

I’ve been making fast progress on my crescent shawl experiment. There’s no pressure to knit it and I’m not working against any kind of deadline so I get to knit it just for the pure enjoyment of the craft of it all. There are two main camps of knitters out there: process knitters vs. project knitters.

- Project -

Project knitters are those that decide what to knit based on the completion of a project. They select the pattern and yarn to achieve the desired end goal of a completed project. Some project knitters struggle with the act of knitting and may not always find enjoyment in it, but they do always like the finished project.

- Process -

Process knitters are those that knit for the pure joy of knitting one stitch, and then the next. Their main goal is just to keep knitting, without much thought going into what they are knitting.

I used to fall squarely in the Project camp. While I loved knitting for the sake of knitting, I was constantly focused on what the end result would be. Other the past year or so, outside of submission knitting, I’ve found myself knitting random things here and there without clear intent on what I wanted to knit or when it needed to be completed by.

Process Knitting

The crescent shawl that I am working on now is more of a process knit for me. While I’m enjoying learning a new technique and it will be a fun shawl to wear this winter, I’m really connecting with just the simplicity of the craft again.

Here’s to reconnecting with what we love!

Which camp do you fall into? Do you travel between the two camps? Sound off in the comments below!