Currently Loving + Textured Stitches


Lately I’ve noticed myself being more and more drawn to textured stitches for my future knitting plans. There is something so rhythmic and soothing about combinations of knit and purl stitches and the “something extra” that it can add to a finished piece. From a simple Andalusian stitch to a more complex Bramble stitch, which may or may not be considered a textured stitch based on your definition, I’m dreaming of the endless possibilities. Cardigans, pullovers, and shawls would all be standouts in squishy texture that’s easy to knit and easier to wear.

The Stitches

Andalusian stitch

Andalusian Stitch

This stitch adds just a subtle hint of texture to a mainly Stockinette stitch background. Not only does it create a bit of visual interest to your finished garment, it creates a nice knitting break if you dread the monotony of Stockinette. This stitch is used to great effect in Karen Templer’s Anna Vest. I even made my own Anna (though I made a few mods to the pattern) and I loved every minute of it.


Ladder Stitch

The Ladder stitch is also a combination of knit & purl stitches but they are arranged to create neat columns of 1x1 accented by garter stitch bars. This would look so great for a men’s pullover or a menswear inspired v-neck cardigan. Choose a wool or wool-blend yarn to allow the stitches to really pop.


Bramble Stitch

While technically not a textured stitch by the definition of a combination of knit and purl stitches, the Bramble stitch does create a lot of texture to your knitting. Imagine this knit in a wool/alpaca blend in creamy white and you have the perfect holiday sweater. Before embarking on this stitch pattern, note that the texture is created with a p3tog which can be a bit fiddly. But with enough practice you’ll be able to breeze through a swatch in no time.

Designs Featuring Textured Stitches

There are a lot of designs out there that already incorporate textured stitches and I highly encourage you to check those out. If you’re more adventurous, find a design that has the silhouette and fit that you like and do some knitters math to update the design with the stitch pattern of your choice. And as I told you before, I have not been able to get these textured stitches out of my head and as a result there are a few upcoming KKD designs that will scratch the itch.

Coming Soon:

Molsa Cardigan Quince & Co Osprey Root

Molsa Cardigan

Knit with Quince & Co Osprey in Root

Rowan Softyak DK

Augustine Cardigan

Knit with Rowan Softyak DK in Shell