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Illud Shawl

The Illud Shawl has to be one of the easiest things I have ever made. For 90% of this project you are doing the same thing every row in beautiful, mindless garter stitch. The beauty of this design lies in the 2-ply cashmere. It is simultaneously soft & sharp. The cashmere blurs the stitches a bit but the picot bind off adds a little bit of crispness to it. The name “Illud” comes from the latin translation of points - a name that is cool & sophisticated, just like the shawl.

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Gorgette Shawl

The Gorgette shawl provides a great introduction to shawl knitting. The stockinette stitch body is rhythmic and quickly becomes a mindless project suitable for travel or just something to pick up casually in free moments. The lace edging is worked after the crescent shawl is completed and may pose a challenge for the newest of knitters, but can be quickly mastered!

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