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5 Essential Tips for Knitting Lace

There is a lot to be said on the subject of lace knitting, but before we go down the rabbit hole of that I wanted to share some of the essential things I learned about knitting lace. As I was thinking about all of my lessons learned, I kept coming back to the gauge swatch. The swatch is a perfect mini project to help understand the structure of lace and a guide to understanding what your finished project can/will look like!

So I came up with this list of my 5 essential tips for knitting lace.

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The Best Fibers to Use in Summer

The transition from spring to summer can wreak havoc on your knitting plans depending on where you call home. From where I sit in the sunny south the humidity can cause me to put down certain projects in favor of others. It becomes time to set aside warm wooly sweaters and instead cast on with lighter fabrics. Tops & tees, light scarves, and even pullovers are great summer knit projects with the right yarn choice.

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Retrospective + May 2018

Wow, April flew by so quickly! One minute it was still wintery and the next moment I'm wearing shorts and spending long days in the sun. This past weekend I made my first spring cleaning attempt in our front garden and I'm quite proud of my progress considering I have absolutely no green in my thumb. May is already off to an exciting start and I have a lot of pots on the burners, so to speak: work, a new real estate class, the tops, tanks, and tees kal, and the KKD business updates

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The Tops, Tanks & Tees Knitalong

Today marks the first day of the Tops Tanks & Tees KAL led by Shannon Cook. You can follow along on her website at veryshannon or hang out in the Raverly group to check out updates from participants.

This will be the first year that I can join along in the fun, since I don't have any other knitting commitments drawing me away and I'm overcome with all the choices and possibilities

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