What I'm Designing this Spring & Summer

Last week I talked about the projects I want to knit this spring & summer, but I wanted to go a little deeper this week and talk about what’s on my designing needles this season. While I was planning out my design calendar for April. At the time I was putting together the calendar, I was pretty stressed out with work and I think it impacted the projects I wanted to work on. Usually when spring rolls around I begin knitting lacy pullovers, cardigans, and other tops but I just didn’t have it in me. My mind was a little burnt out and my fingers were starting to feel the impact.

The answer?

Combine stockinette stitch, garter stitch, and portable projects and you get the designs below. Each project relies on a main body of garter or stockinette stitch before transitioning to some lace feature to keep the knitting interesting. And when things started to slow down, I couldn’t help myself but include one open wrap cardigan.

Jordan Purl Soho Cattail Silk

Name // Jordan

Yarn // Purl Soho Cattail Silk, Rabbit Ear Pink

Needles // Size 4 US

Description // Jordan is a triangular shaped shawl worked from corner to corner featuring a neat lace accent around the shawl body. If you decide to keep things simple you can stop here, block, and wear to your hearts content. If you’re slightly more adventurous work the knitted on lace edging to take this shawl from great to greater.

Name // Flor

Yarn // Isager Alpaca 1, Plaster

Needles // Size 5 US

Description // Flor is a triangular shawl worked from the top down in squishy garter stitch. The side increases and center spine add a delicate lace touch to the garter stitch. The garter stitch moves into an open work lace pattern and knitted lace edging.

Flor Isager Alpaca 1

Telluride Brooklyn Tweed Vale

Name // Telluride

Yarn // Brooklyn Tweed Vale, Thaw

Needles // Size 4 US

Description // Like Flor, Telluride is also a triangular shawl worked from the top down in garter stitch. But Telluride stands out in the bold block of lace stitches and the knitted on lace edging. This design presents a challenge to more seasoned knitters with the double yo, but after a few rows I promise you’ll get the hang of it.

Name // Cay Kimono

Yarn // Juniper Moon Farm Zooey, White Pepper

Needles // Size 6 US

Description // The Cay Kimono will be an easy summer cardigan with an openwork lace pattern that will be perfect on the beach or in the office. Expect this one to come out in late spring/early summer!

Cay Kimono Juniper Moon Farm Zooey

While life can be hectic it’s always nice to start or end the day with some needles & fiber in hand. Hopefully these designs can fit into your routine and bring a little joy one stitch at a time. I’d love to know, would you cast on for one of these projects?