How To: Sloped Bind Off


The first time I used a sloped bind off, it was in a dolman sleeve pullover worked from the buttom up. When following the instructions, it felt like it was such an easy technique with a major impact to my knitting. Not only did it make seaming the sleeves that much easier, the finished garment draped so much better on my shoulders. I was in awe and promised myself I would use the sloped bind off for all future projects and designs.

The how-to is simple:

The row before your next BO row, work to 1 stitch before the end of that row. Turn your work. You’ll have one unworked stitch on your right hand needle and the working thread dangling from the 1st stitch on the left hand needle. Slip the first stitch from the LHN with your yarn in back as if to knit to the RNH. Pass the unworked stitch over that slipped stitch. One stitch has been bound off. If this bound off stitch is a part of a series (i.e. BO 4 sts) you’ll work the BO of the remaining stitches as you normally would. You’ll repeat the sloped BO instructions each time the first stitch on the next row will need to be bound off.

The most common areas where you will use the sloped bind off are: armhole shaping, neck shaping, and shoulder shaping. It’s especially useful if the bind off edge will be unfinished - i.e. no stitches will be picked up to create a neckband or armhole trim.