Retrospective + July 2019

Several years ago I had a series of posts designed to look back on the projects I completed the month before. As I dove deeper into the design world I had less time to complete projects and the posts fell by the wayside. Lately though I’ve been wanting something tangible that I could look back on to see what I’ve accomplished as a designer. There is so much pressure out there to continuously publish new content and it’s nice to see what I’ve been able to create in addition to my full time job.

Let’s bring back the series and celebrate what we’ve accomplished each month and share what we what to create going into the next month. No pressure, just a fun way to look back and build a sense of pride.

Published Designs:

  • Jordan - Purl Soho Cattail Silk, Rabbit Ear Pink

  • Folly Beach - Midwinter Yarns Lithuanian Linen, Seafoam

  • Wild Dunes - Prism Yarns Delicato Layers, Antique

Work In Progress:

  • A Jordan for Dana - Purl Soho Cattail Silk, Purple Sumac

  • Firefly - Purl Soho Linen Quill, Kiln Red

  • Telluride - Brooklyn Tweed Vale, Thaw

  • Asheville - Quince & Co Osprey, Audoin

Upcoming Designs:

  • Petra - Quince & Co Willet, Rudder

  • Sencillo - Knit Picks Cotlin, Swan

The designs I have on tap for August are going to be great transitional pieces from summer to fall. Both are cotton pullovers but have added features that will help keep you cool when you need it. Think outfits for late summer nights at the beach or on the porch. Perfectly casual and put together all at the same time. Even though it’s August, I have another month or two of hot & humid weather before I can think of wearing a wool sweater and I know I’m not alone!

I’m sure that over time these posts will evolve into different things, but I hope you enjoyed the sneak peak into August and I promise to have more teaser shots soon.

Stay tuned!