Petra + New Pattern Launch


Petra is available in the shop here. Add it to your Ravelry library here.

The Design

The idea for Petra had been swimming in my head for years before I finally cast on. In some ways, this pullover represents a lot of design aspects that I love - easy lace panels, an interesting construction, and a casual silhouette that’s easy to wear. I had the high-level design elements sorted out, but I still had a few details that I needed to decide. First, how wide would the lace panels be and where would they be placed. Second, what yarn would I want to use. Third, what would the sleeves look like. I slowly put the pieces together and I finally cast on for Petra last summer and I’m so proud to launch the pattern this fall.

The Construction

Petra features some unique construction details, specifically the horizontal lace panels on the front and back pieces. The back begins with a horizontal lace panel knit to the specified width of the back piece. The panel is turned and stitches are picked up along one edge and worked to create the back neck shaping. Stitches are then picked up along the opposite edge and worked to create the back length and trimmed in a neat 1x1 ribbed hem.

The front features a similar construction with two differences: the number of stripes in the lace panel and placement. The lace panel is knit first with stitches picked up along one edge to knit the front body and front neck shaping. Then stitches are picked up and knit along the opposite edge to knit the 1x1 ribbed hem.

The sleeves are knit from cuff to upper arm with a healthy repeat of the lace panel to create a fun wide cuff that is quite on trend this season. The sleeve uppers are fitted to create a more flattering look on the wearer and seam easily into the drop shoulder.


The Yarn

The yarn used for Petra is Quince & Co’s Cleaner Cotton, Willet in the color rudder. Willet is a lightweight 100% cotton yarn that is incredibly soft with the right amount of sheen. It works well at both a sport weight and dk weight gauge and lends itself well to both lace and textured stitches. The cotton fiber makes it great for summer and early fall knits where you want a soft layer but you don’t want to overheat. You can’t go wrong with Willet for your own Petra, but be sure to handwash it and lay it flat to dry for optimal results.


The Pattern

You can find the pattern in the KKD Shop here as well as on Ravelry here. Please share your progress on Instagram using #petrakkd so that I can see the color you choose!