Magnolia Cardigan

Magnolia Cardigan

Today my contribution to Knit Now's 88th Issue, a sweet lace duster that will keep the romance alive all spring and summer long, finally launches! To see more details about this issue and purchase the Magnolia Cardigan pattern, please visit the Knit Now website.

The Magnolia Cardigan

The design call for this story was Spring Wedding, and what could be more perfect than easy lace stitches in a soft-to-the-touch fingering weight wool. Even better? The design is simple & straight forward. There is minimal shaping and the cardigan is knit in pieces so that you can knit this while on the go. The Magnolia Cardigan features two lace patterns that are easy to memorize so you can sit back, relax, knit, and focus on dreaming about spring.

Styling Options

I had a vision in my head that a bride would be wearing this cardigan while getting ready for the big day. Getting her hair & make up done, reminiscing with her best girlfriends, and thinking about her future husband waiting just a few steps down the aisle. I also thought it would make a great wedding-guest garment, perfectly complimenting any outfit when knit in soft spring pastel colors. Or forgo the wedding concept entirely and just wear it when you feel like it! A pretty cardigan is a pretty cardigan and it demands to be worn!

Where to Find the Pattern

You can purchase Issue 88 here in either a digital or print addition, direct from the Knit Now website. If you're a fan of Ravelry, you'll be able to find it here once it's been uploaded.