How To: Sloped Bind Off

The first time I used a sloped bind off, it was in a dolman sleeve pullover worked from the buttom up. When following the instructions, it felt like it was such an easy technique with a major impact to my knitting. Not only did it make seaming the sleeves that much easier, the finished garment draped so much better on my shoulders. I was in awe and promised myself I would use the sloped bind off for all future projects and designs.

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A Look At Yarn Substitution

The more you knit, the more likely you are going to encounter a scenario when you don’t have the yarn that your next pattern calls for. There are several situations that could require you to use a different yarn - the yarn called for is discontinued, too expensive, or a fiber you may be allergic to - so refer to this article as a guide when selecting the new yarn for your project.

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Why Dye Lot Matters

When I first started knitting, the internet wasn’t really around the way it is now. I had to rely on books, magazines, and other knitters to get most of my information. Unless I was at the local JoAnn’s, I wasn’t often around other knitters considering I was 12 when I picked up my first pair of sticks. I can confidently say the majority of kids my age in the 90’s and early 00’s were not interested in knitting. Being a bit of an anomaly meant that I had to figure out a lot of things on my own, and there were a lot of things that still remained a mystery to me. Hopefully I can pass along some of these hard learned lessons and you can avoid these mistakes all together.

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Why & How to Use a Garter Tab Cast On

When I begin a new shawl, one of the first things that I do is work the garter tab cast on. It creates a seamless edge at the top of shawls that flows perfectly into the garter stitch sides. It can also provide a more stable foundation for the stitches to come. This cast on method can be used with any shawl design with a little math & planning. So let’s discuss why & how you should use a Garter Tab Cast On.

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5 Basic Shawl Shapes

A little over a year ago I joined the Aroha Knits 5 shawls in 5 days challenge. The goal of the challenge was to teach the basics of 5 simple shawl shapes. At that time I was primarily a sweater knitter so I welcomed the opportunity to learn some new skills and try something new.

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5 Essential Tips for Knitting Lace

There is a lot to be said on the subject of lace knitting, but before we go down the rabbit hole of that I wanted to share some of the essential things I learned about knitting lace. As I was thinking about all of my lessons learned, I kept coming back to the gauge swatch. The swatch is a perfect mini project to help understand the structure of lace and a guide to understanding what your finished project can/will look like!

So I came up with this list of my 5 essential tips for knitting lace.

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