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Retrospective + July 2019

Several years ago I had a series of posts designed to look back on the projects I completed the month before. As I dove deeper into the design world I had less time to complete projects and the posts fell by the wayside. Lately though I’ve been wanting something tangible that I could look back on to see what I’ve accomplished as a designer.

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Retrospective + May 2018

Wow, April flew by so quickly! One minute it was still wintery and the next moment I'm wearing shorts and spending long days in the sun. This past weekend I made my first spring cleaning attempt in our front garden and I'm quite proud of my progress considering I have absolutely no green in my thumb. May is already off to an exciting start and I have a lot of pots on the burners, so to speak: work, a new real estate class, the tops, tanks, and tees kal, and the KKD business updates

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Retrospective + April 2018

This is my third month doing this review of my knitting queue & progress. It's pretty interesting to see how my plans get impacted by submissions, travel, and well...lift. February I received two submissions for Knit Now, coming late Spring 2018. Hot on the heels of finishing those, I was accepted for 3 more - Knitscene Winter 2018, Knit Wear Winter 2018, and Sweet Georgia Yarns' Crochet edition (wow! I am deeply humbled that my designs would make the cut). Given the tight deadlines submission knitting requires, my personal knit list had to stand aside for a bit. Now that those have shipped and I can focus my efforts back on personal knitting, here's where I'm at.

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