Taking a Time Out

Taken in New Orleans, LA

Taken in New Orleans, LA

For about a million personal reasons, it’s been awhile since I’ve posted here. I reached a bit of a tipping point with the amount of stress in my life and I needed to take a step back, internalize, and come back to a sense of “normal” whatever that means. Thankfully, the last few months have helped me re-prioritize my life and I feel like I’m back to a point where I can share online.

In this modern online world, there are endless marketing courses online that tell you how you need to present yourself on your website, on instagram, facebook, pinterest, etc. But no one warns you that if you’re not careful you can lose a bit of yourself since you’re always trying to present that “perfect” image.

Welp, I’m not perfect and I’m perfectly OK with that!

In my pursuit of this reset, I set knitting aside for a bit and only knit a few rows here and there. But now that I feel refreshed I find myself picking up the needles again and my fingers have never been happier.

Silk Solitude Twist Yarns of Intrigue.jpg

I’m starting slow with an incredibly simple stockinette stitch crescent shawl with a delightfully hand-dyed silk single ply. Even the yarn choice is representative of my reset, as it was hand-dyed by my first every LYS, Twist Yarns of Intrigue in Manhattan Beach, CA. Everything Cathy spins and dyes is one of a kind (and affordable!) and a treat to knit with.

I hope you’ll follow me along as I continue down this new road.